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ChampIt is a pleasure knowing and doing business with The Official Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters. For the past six months they have been walking our dog “Champ”.

They have been totally reliable and very professional. I have found them to be very helpful in keeping me informed as to her visits. I highly recommend them.


Naomi and Mike Rothbart

Las Olas, FL

ELO and VioletI have enjoyed a long and wonderful relationship with “The Official Cat Sitters”. I live alone and travel constantly. My two cats are like my children, and I know I’ve got trusted friends to watch over them in my absence. When my beloved cat Miss Elo was sick with a long-term illness, and I had to take a couple of business trips, I asked The Official Cat Sitters to come by my apartment twice a day, to give her medicine and make sure she felt loved. They even called me several times to let me know how Miss Elo was feeling. I couldn’t have gone on those trips, without knowing Miss Elo was in capable and loving hands. To say these folks go the “extra mile” in caring for pets is an under-statement!

JC Summerford

Hollywood, FL

It’s such a pleasure dealing with a true professional during these days of poor service and negative attitudes. The Official Dog Walkers knowledge of pets borderlines that of a good veterinarian. Doosya, my six year old mini Schnauzer became blind a year ago. Schnauzers are not well known for trusting strangers, and the lack of vision just made this behavior more accute. I was initially reluctant to board Dooysa, but had no choice due to my work schedule. The next time when I needed to drop Dooysa off for a couple of days, I called The Official Dog Walkers again. So you could understand my disbelief when I saw my dog wagging her tail when picked up. I’ve never seen Doosya behave that way toward other people, even with my friends who often drop by for a visit.

Seeing that wagging tail is the best testimony to The Official Dog Walkers services. On the business side, The Official Dog Walkers are very punctual, always accessible, and ready to answer any questions that you may have. Whenever my dog is picked up, I know she is in good hands and she will have a day full of long walks and even longer naps at her second home.

Alex Chernyavsky

East Fort Lauderdale

PabloThis operation is nothing but the best. Their attention to detail and genuine caring attitude for your pet is second to none. I felt comfortable with the company from the time they did their introductory interview and I was overly impressed after the first pet sitting experience with a day by day journal and photos of my pets on a regular basis which even included captions! No one will be disappointed with this most professional service.


Dr. Drew Schnitt

Fort Lauderdale, FL

BradyThe Official Dog Walkers RULE!!! I am the busy mom of 4 little hairy ones. I do not know what I would do without them. They are reliable, trustworthy and always willing to go the extra mile, they leave the lights on, take in the mail, the trash and lots of other things without asking!! I know when I get home after leaving my boys alone all day that they were exercised (I think Mike is nuts rollerblading two big dogs together!) They love the official dog walkers. You cannot find better, more affordable pet care. I tried a big doggie day care and they loved my boys but it was cost prohibitive.

I started using The Official Dog Walkers 3 days a week after my neighbor told me about them. She said they even do basic training!! I tried them and the boys loved them so much we quickly added a day then a short time later went to 5 days a week!!! They love it and I know they are well cared for during the day. I have no more g uilt when I have to come home and work instead of going for a walk. It is great peace of mind. Plus if I am ever running late or am called unexpectedly out of town, I know I can rely on The Official Dog Walkers to take care of my babies.

They even leave a little journal so I can read every day how they did!! If there is ever a problem or concern I know I will get a call from them. They are the best!!! I recommend them to all of my friends, colleagues and clients that are local!!

D.V.M. Beth M. Hirschfeld

Lakes of Emerald Hills

Hollywood, FL

One of the greatest things about moving to Fort Lauderdale was “finding” you- not only do our “girls” love you but so do my husband and I. You know how much our two female Bearded Collies- Madison and Niki mean to us- our kids- while the bigs ones are now out of the house. You have given us peace of mind while we’re away and we know they have two wonderful walks daily. We absolutely love the notes you leave us about their daily “outings” and “doings”.

You saved our trip to New York last weekend- in a pinch by taking the dogs home with you –when our housekeeper decided to not stay! I don’t know what we would have done without you- besides coming home on the next flight.

You’re officially a part of the Bergmann family.

With so much appreciation for what you do for all of us. Bow WOW !!!

Marla Bergmann

Las Olas, Florida

BrownieI have been using the The Official Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters for two years and my dog Brownie could not be any happier. Whenever I go out of town on short notice I can always count on them.being available. I am so pleased with their service & loyalty that I put them on my Living Will.

Mr. Michael Stucicher

East Fort Lauderdale, FL


Felix and SarahWe Love the Official Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters, they have been providing Pet care for us seven days a week for the last five years. Michael is truly the Doggie Fitness Guru on in-line skates, he takes our doggies for one mile runs and they love it! They are truly a tremendous team, Reliable, responsible, dedicated, loving and trustworthy. They are the best thing that has ever happened to us and our 2 Dogs. We could not survive without The Official Dog Walkers! Thank God for them!!!. Your’s Truly,

Stephen and Sandra Boyarsky

East Lake Hollywood, FL

The Official Dog Walkers take my 8 year old Great Dane, Merlin, and my 2 year old Black Lab, Lulu, for a mid-day walk five days a week. I moved to Fort Lauderdale just a few months ago and was really worried that my dogs would not adjust well to the city life and living indoors so much. But The Official Dog Walkers have made their transition easy and fun.

They love them to death and look forward to seeing them every day. They even helped me find my dogs emergency lodging when my air conditioner broke. If it weren’t for The Official Dog Walkers, both my dogs and I would have suffered through several unbearable nights of heat. They went above and beyond the call of duty and prioritized my dogs’ health and well-being. I can’t thank them enough.

The Official Dog Walkers are professional, reliable and experienced. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pet sitter they can trust.

Margaret Bettenhausen

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

YoshiYoshi bear is a 12 year old Samoyed, who lives in Newport, Rhode Island. however we do alot of travel with our old man. on travel, it is required that Yoshi has an on call baby sitter. well…we have found the best in The Official Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters. we would book our visits to Florida around their availability if need be.

They are courteous, professional, and extremely flexible to meet all of our needs with our little one. I trust them whole heartedly with Yoshi bear. Yoshi can be a handful if left alone so having one on one special attention is a must in our case. He certainly gets it here.

I was impressed with them from the start. They asked me the right questions and showed me how professional they were by making sure they knew everything about Yoshi prior to our initial meeting. I wish there were more people out there like this, someone that you feel comfortable with leaving your baby. I can not speak highly enough about this team. I know if they lived in the New England area, I would hire them on a daily basis without a question.

Yoshi loves his Florida pet sitters, and that’s what matters the most.

BayouThe Official Pet Sitters took care of my dog, Bayou, for about a year. Without them, Bayou, a yellow lab, would have been in the house alone all day long. Bayou got vey sick and passed away last March. The Official Dog Walkers took such good care of him during that time by coming to walk him, give him meds, and even check in on him when I didn’t even ask. We couldn’t have gotten through that time without them.


Johanna & Scott Kamerman

East Lake, Hollywood, FL

KayleeI just want to thank you for being so much fun while you took care of me for a few days while my mommy was on vacation. You showed so much love and caring that I, actually, cannot wait for when my mommy has to leave again for a few days.

I may not have been as active as most dogs, but you were very understanding and accommodated me and my schedule as if you knew me for many, many years. I had no idea that strangers could be so loving, attentive and so much fun.

Could you please ask my mommy to go on vacation again, very soon?

With all my love,

Kaylee (Golden Retriever)

East Hollywood, FL

Freddie“I highly recommend the services provided by The Official Cat Sitters. Knowing that my cat is in their very caring and competent hands gives me great piece of mind when I travel.”

Freddie says “Hi!’ – well, actually “meow”, but I think she means “hi”!

Tracey Wright

Aventura, FL

The Official Dog Walkers are well loved by our family dog Princess. They has been walking Princess daily. Princess greets them joyfully and is eager to go walking. I recommend The Official Dog Walkers not only because they really care about animals, but also because they are dependable, reliable, professional, pleasant, and handles our dog very well.

Mrs. Belke

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sonny and SammySo you are thinking of hiring the dog walkers and wanted to check their testimonials? They have been great for us. We are two working professionals and one of us is a student. Needless to say, we don’t have much free time.

On numerous occasions we knew there would be a time in the coming week where we both won’t be home. We called the dog walkers. We had an interview at first to make sure everyone liked each other. They came over to play with and walk our little pooches Sammy and Sonny after we made appointments.

They left us a note behind to let us know how the doggies were as well and if they went potty. After only a few visits in just a couple months, our boys even recognized The Official Dog Walkers pulling up at a neighbor’s house and were very excited to see either of them. I’m glad I have them and apparently so are my doggies. While their questionnaire seemed a little too thorough in the beginning, I was happy to know that there is someone out there who really had thought through all the details of what could happen and wanted to be prepared.

I will continue to use the dog walkers for all those times when I just can’t be there.

Jimmy, Mikey, Sammy & Sonny

Leo and NathanI just wanted to let any of your future customers know what a pleasure it is to deal with The Official Dog Walkers. I started using your services back in March of 2006. At the time I had 2 golden retrievers named Nathan and Leo. They loved you from the moment that they met you. The way you played with them had me convinced that you really love and understand dogs. My Nathan actually smiled when you would take them for their walks.

Last year my Nathan was sick with Cancer and undergoing Chemo. I had complete confidence in the way he and Leo were taken care of during my absences. It gives an owner total peace to know it is more than just a business to you both ,but a job that is undertaken with love.

Since I am only a seasonal resident, I only get to enjoy the Winter months down in Florida. My Nathan died this summer and Leo was very lonely. Mendal and Shana (brother & sister) 9 month old golden retriever pups were added to the family.

The Golden trio loves The Official Dog Walkers. If anyone would like to talk to me about the service please feel free to give them my E-Mail address.

Annette and Paul Kasofsky

Hollywood Oaks, Hollywwod, FL

ZackThe Official Dog Walkers are the the most caring dog walkers I’ve ever met. I’m amazed at the care for animals and devotion to their job that I’ve witnessed over the years. They go to great lengths to insure the pet is properly cared too. They walk, feed and play with the pets as if they were their own. You can’t go wrong with them :)

Tony del Campo

Dania Beach, FL

Halfpin and Miss KittyAbout 3 years ago, we almost lost our most dearest 3 legged kitty, Halfpint. We discovered that she had diabetes. The vet told us that she could live a normal life, but needed daily insulin shots. We both travel for our jobs, so we looked for a pet sitter. We have never allowed anyone to have access to our home, so we were nervous about selecting someone.

The Official Cat Sitters were recommended to us, and after interviewing several candidates, we selected the Official Cat Sitters. So now after 3 years, we could not be happier. Honest, dependable, and caring, they have done a great job taking care of our girls. They have taken the time to learn the girls routines, likes and dislikes and personalities. While we are away, they take pictures of the Girls to let us know what they are up to. You know when the owners are away the Cats do play!

The Official Cat Sitters are very conscientious, so we never have to worry or feel guilty about leaving the Girls. We consider The Official Cat Sitters to be a very important part of our cat’s life. Keeping them happy and healthy. All is in GREAT hands.

The Official Cat Sitters are great, and come with the highest recommendation. We trust them and appreciate everything they do for the Girls and us.


Michele Hamlin

Gary Blohm

Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tazzie and MinkieTo all Pet Owners:

The Official Dog Walkers have taken care of my two Schipperkes Minky and Tazzie many times when I have been traveling. The girls just love the Official Dog Walkers and Catsitters!

I recommend them to take the best care of your little loved ones!


Mark P. Ryan

Citrus Isles, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

LucyHaving The Official Cat Sitters watch your animals is simply as if you invited family into your house. When they are watching my home and my kitty I not only feel that my house and belongings are well taken care of and safe but I also know that my cat is cared for and loved. In fact, I often remark to them that I am sure my kitty ‘Lucy’ loves them more than me as when I come home to see the detailed journal of their interactions and daily events it looks like they have had a great time together. I highly recommend both of them to anyone looking for trustworthy ‘petsitters’.

Shauna Pott

Nurse Anesthetist

Mapleridge, Hollywood

My wife Denise and I adopted our doggie from Fort Lauderdale’s Rescue Shelter in April of 2011. Sophie, a brindle colored female, weighing a mere 18 pounds was in sad shape when we brought her home. Sophie was sick with kennel cough, and underweight when we adopted her. My wife was so happy when we finally found our new doggie, but concerned about having to leave poor Sophie in her crate all day, during our work week.

We googled “dog walkers” and found Danielle Moskalenko on “The Official Dog Walkers” website our first click! We couldn’t have found a better sitter! Sophie took to Danielle immediately and within a very short time, Sophie grew healthier and bigger! Danielle even taught us how to properly fit Sophie’s harness!

One of the most difficult things to do is to find someone we can trust, and equally important, someone that truly cares about our pet. Danielle exceeded every one of our expectations and our dog Sophie absolutely loves her!

She ensures we are informed every day of Sophie’s well-being. She has free access to our home and leaves us with a note of their activities every single day! She’s a gem of a person!

On one occasion, I was sick at home, and forgot to cancel our dog walk ,Danielle entered our condo quietly to pick up Sophie, not realizing I was there. Danielle walks in, and Sophie went crazy with joy! I’ve never seen Sophie so happy when Danielle arrived! She was jumping up and down and nearly knocked her down – it was so funny!

Danielle is simply top-notch. She’s loves Sophie, and we couldn’t have found anyone better. Danielle boards our dog at her home, and we know Sophie is in “good hands” every single time. We know we can rely on Danielle and we consider her a trusted friend. She cares for our Sophie as if it were her own, and Sophie absolutely adores her dog-walker! Danielle has cared for our dog for over ten months and her reputation is nothing less than outstanding. Bottom line, Danielle Moskalenko exemplifies trust, care, compassion, and professionalism. She is a trend-setter in the business.

Anthony & Denise Pradella
Fort Lauderdale, FL

We have been using Danielle, a pet sitter with The Official Dog Walkers for walks and overnight stays for a little over a year now and absolutely love the care they have given our dogs. The peace of mind we have knowing that our three small terriers are being lovingly cared for by someone like Danielle who knows them personally, is priceless! In addition to feeding, walking, and playing with our dogs, they take the time to bring in our mail and make sure our home is safe and secure when we’re not here. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Bryan and Marla Dennstedt
Fort Lauderdale, FL

dog-walking-english-bulldog“The Official Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters have been taking care of our 16 month old English bulldog since we brought her home from the breeder. My husband and I both work, and they were an integral part of house training Lola. English Bulldogs tend to have more health problems than most dogs and Danielle and Philip have helped us take care of her – giving her medicine, cleaning cuts, etc. They also have tipped us off on issues they think Lola might be having that we may not have noticed. Lola absolutely loves both of them and they are incredibly reliable – they provide us with such a peace of mind knowing she is well taken care of while we are not home. We HIGHLY recommend working with them!”

Sean and Sara Deviney
Fort Lauderdale, FL