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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service in Key Biscayne Florida

Jill Stephens

Profession: Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Dog Sitter, Cat Sitter, Dog Boarding
Coverage Area: Key Biscayne Florida
Phone: (305) 361-0102

Born and raised in the farm country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I grew up with animals and have a strong passion for their welfare and care. I left Lancaster in 1978 to pursue an Undergraduate Degree from the Pennsylvania State University and later a Master's Degree from the University of Maryland. My career path took me from classroom teaching to work on Capitol Hill in Pennsylvania and then Capitol Hill in Washington DC. I later entered the corporate arena through employment at America Online. My husband, children and I moved to Key Biscayne in 2001. Here, I've been an active volunteer for nearly ten years.

At this stage in my life I seek to serve my community in a way no one else has. Hence, I have turned to my love for animals. This, combined with entrepreneurial instincts, has allowed me to establish KB Pet Service. Already I am finding happiness in ways that my previous professional life could never fulfill.

KB Pet Service was launched in November, 2009. Prior to its creation, I studied the pet industry extensively to ensure your pets receive the best possible care in a manner that is reliable, attentive and professional. KB Pet Service is bonded, insured, a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, and possesses Level II Criminal Background Clearance.

Thank you allowing me to care for your beloved animals.

Please call Jill at (305) 361-0102 for a complimentary pet sitting, dog walking, cat sitting or dog boarding consultation.